3rd March 2022

Why Join the Geovation Mentorship Programme?

Millie Smith

In 2021 Geovation launched its first Mentorship Programme for the community. It proved to be a very popular and a successful programme where both mentors and mentees received a lot of benefits, advice and ideas.

To kick it off, we sat down with a few of our mentors and mentees to get their take on the programme and their experiences in their journey so far. Here’s what they had to say:


What have you liked so far about the mentorship programme?

Ashwin (mentor, COO at Metal.Digital):  The Geovation Mentorship Programme provides an opportunity to add value to a small start-up and help provide them with a different perspective.


Michelle (mentor, Land Registry):  I liked that I had someone to support me in situations at the workplace that I come across. It was very beneficial to have Tricia, my mentor, to help me navigate the workplace and how to mitigate certain things that may occur or have occurred.


Nicolas (mentor, Web Developer at Digipeak Ltd): Getting to know someone and getting to know people. It allowed us to brainstorm and go through barriers/issues that my mentee was going through.


What benefit do you think it brings to the community/members?

Ashwin (mentor, COO at Metal.Digital): It allows people with a variety of experiences to cross connect and build bridges within a community which I think is very important. Getting external experience is different from getting advice and experiences from your peers. A mentor and mentee relationship are quite different, and it helps provide extra benefits.


Michelle (mentor, Land Registry): You get to connect with someone from a different background who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a different perspective that will help mentees.


Nicolas (mentor, Web Developer at Digipeak Ltd):  It reinforces the community, brings them together and allows people to benefit from other expertise.

Join the Mentorship Programme

Sign ups for the next round of mentorship are now closed.

If you’re not already a member, you can sign up here. This gives you access to our member community, news on the mentorship programme as well as a full range of exclusive webinars and events, networking opportunities and support offered by the Geovation team.