30th November 2020

You told us, we listened

Claire Corlett

Back in September, we asked you for feedback across a range of subjects in our annual community survey. 

Thank you to everyone who took part.  You told us a lot about your business, why you joined Geovation, what geospatial data you used and why you chose your provider.

Find  out more in the following infographic.


We will use the results to help us improve our services to you but thank you for your positive comments on what we are already doing.

What you said about Geovation: 

“I think Geovation is a fantastic organisation and support network!”

“Geovation is a very valuable space for learning and collaboration”

“Geovation was a solely responsible in helping get us off the ground. We are now a team of 30 and growing quickly, I’m a huge advocate for Geovation!”

“I have been a huge fan of Geovation for a long time and as such look to continuing are strategic relationship, signposting the amazing work you do to both London based and international businesses”