14th October 2011

Your chance to improve your neighbourhood or local services


Do you have an idea how to improve your neighbourhood?  Want the chance to turn your idea into a reality?

Kent Connects are running a competition to stimulate collaboration between public services, entrepreneurs and communities to develop innovative ways of using digital technology to improve your neighbourhoods…and they need your ideas!

By submitting an idea, you could see it become reality and help make a difference to your community.

They are offering £500 to the winners of the best idea (awarded on 25 October) and £1000 for the winners of the best prototype of each of the challenges (awarded on 25 November).  The winners of the best idea & prototype for both challenges will also be invited to test their idea and develop a business proposition at two special workshops.

The competition is in 3 parts – you have until 16 October to submit ideas. Then during the  next phase of the competition from 25 October you’ll be able to put forward visual and digital prototypes to the top ideas from the public on the challenges. There is then a “hackday”  on 25 November.

GeoVation are delighted to be sponsoring this competition – we are particularly keen to support ideas and prototypes which make best use of OS OpenData or OS OpenSpace.

There are two challenges

1. Help people help each other in your neighbourhood

There are many opportunities for how the use of technology could improve your neighbourhood, whether it’s to help people find a voice, share skills for a good cause, or even organise community cleanups  What ideas you have on how it could be used to help people help each other in your neighbourhood?

2. Make it easier for you to report issues to your council

There are many ways that technology is being used for people to report issues, whether it’s reporting a pothole that needs fixing, texting in a photo of waste on the street, sharing your experience with frontline staff.  But there are issues which you can’t report easily.

At present, multiple agencies have their own reporting mechanisms to deal with the services they provide, but what if you don’t know who deals with potholes or graffiti? You just want the issue fixed – and this is where technology can help cut through bureaucracy.

If you have an idea that uses technology in a creative way to help people help each other, wherever you live, find out more and post a solution on the Kent Connects Challenge