10th May 2013

Your ideas to save the environment on the map


You entered 47 great ideas in our GeoVation Challenge to help business improve environmental performance and I thought it would be interesting to see where these are on the OS OpenSpace map below.  Follow the links within the markers to find out more about each idea and, while voting is over, you can still add your comments and questions to the ideas.


[osmap markers=”SO 84156 04692;See, Say, Save
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication | TG 22935 08823; SHOW-AND-TELL MAPS
Theme 8.Organisational behaviour & culture | ST 52090 93639; ERS is Best!
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity | TQ 33419 85547; Creating an Energy Democracy: The Wasted Energy Network
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity | SU 16253 83323 ; Bring me to the business responsibly
Theme 7.Working with others| SJ 84287 97625; The ‘Green’ Contest
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication |SU 44163 13660;BoxLink
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity | SJ 34535 63923;Streetkleen Bio Project
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity | SK 40974 91449; Voltage Mapping
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication | SX 93549 92339; Get on my land
Theme 7.Working with others | SE 94670 26972; Golf course Information Platform
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication | SN 39287 20444; Oscar the Grouch* invades the UK
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication | TQ 32919 76814; CarbonGenie API
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication | ST 57424 74255; RecycleLink
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity | TQ 32742 82401; ameeScore
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity|TQ 32742 82401; ameeScore
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity|TL 46347 58450; British Innovative firms and environmental performance
Theme 5.Return on investment|TL 87923 64655;Virtual national transport fleet
Theme 7.Working with others |NZ 24876 64195; SAP MAP – Mapping Domestic Energy Demand
Theme 5.Return on investment |TM 40264 77241; Litter reduction lottery
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication| SE 17714 30016; Companies to identify their sphere of impact on OS maps
Theme 7.Working with others| TQ 40409 70196; Mapping Soil Carbon to Improve Environmental Performance
Theme 5.Return on investment| TL 54774 02391; Project Recover and unBuild
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity |SP 53531 05147;Demographic Profiling of Recycling Behaviour
Theme 3.Compliance| SP 27496 63920; Search and Rescue App to help emergency services
Theme 7.Working with others|TL 56325 43170;Elimination of one way pallet wrap from the supply chain
Theme 2.Good process management|NS 27054 84441;Community Beach Cleaning Project
None of the above.|NZ 33045 76959; Bike Buddies App
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication |SE 34230 05476; Reducing the impact of food consumption and waste using geodata
Theme 8.Organisational behaviour & culture| SP 33280 75376; Green Project Business Portal
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication | SP 33280 75376; Green Business Travel
Theme 1.From duty to opportunity | SJ 84287 97625; The Electric-Carpool
Theme 8.Organisational behaviour & culture|TQ 34676 78827;How to reduce costs and make money by separating your waste.
Theme 2.Good process management | SP 53716 06474; Business Owl – Spotting Energy Efficiency Opportunities
Theme 2.Good process management |SJ 84287 97625; Recycling Hubs
Theme 5.Return on investment|SP 53716 06474;Action Oasis
Theme 6.Business priorities|TQ 31346 79514;ReApp – Using GIS and mobile technology to remove barriers
Theme 5.Return on investment|SP 71013 05607;Engaging, Educating & Empowering Communities
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication|SP 53716 06474;Community Energy Hub
Theme 7.Working with others|TQ 27187 76783;Social platform for video reviews of places and events
Theme 6.Business priorities|TQ 43184 74631;Enabling small businesses to source locally
Theme 6.Business priorities|SP 33280 75376;Which renewable energy scheme is right for you?
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication|TQ 29360 85604;Resilient resources
Theme 7.Working with others|SK 36981 71529;Mixed media information on environmental performance
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication|SJ 74545 78479;Crafting Together
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication|SP 34941 78217;Reducing Energy Related Emissions of the UK Residential Sector
Theme 6.Business priorities|SK 58374 37496;Neehoy: Sociable Recycling
Theme 4.Awareness,knowledge & communication”]

The Judging Panel will be meeting next week  to select the best ideas to save the environment which will be invited to GeoVation Camp on 21-23 June and we’ll announce these at the end of next week. If you’ve entered an idea to the challenge and registered using social media, then please log in and enter your email details so we can contact you if your idea is selected to come to camp