9th February 2022

Accelerator Programme FAQs

Millie Smith

So, you’ve heard about our Accelerator Programme, you’re eager to apply but first, you want to know that little bit more. Discover the answers to our frequently asked questions we get asked yearly below.


What financial support will I receive?

Our Accelerator Programme provides start-ups with a bespoke package of financial support, worth over £100k per start-up, and includes equity-free grant funding of up to £20k.
Unlike many Accelerators, we don’t ask for any equity in your company at all. We believe this value of money can be extremely useful for early-stage founders as it gives you time to focus on your start-up whilst not having to worry about funding for the moment. Our support goes way beyond monetary value.


How long will I receive support from Geovation?

The Geovation Accelerator Programme runs for 12 months, with 6 months hands on support and 6 months of hands-off support.
However, the support from the Geovation community is timeless, we pride ourselves on having an innovative, vibrant community that provides endless support.
Once you’re on our Programme, you’ll be added to multiple groups with fellow founders on the same cohort as you and in our community. These groups typically don’t go quiet after you’ve ‘graduated’ from the Programme. Previous cohorts normally stay in contact with each other, often years after being on the Programme. The benefits of this are invaluable. You have access to fellow founders who have been through or are going through the same process as you on hand to help you with any problems you come across.

Am I eligible to apply?

Our eligibility criteria is simple, if you fit the criteria and think you’re who we’re looking for then you’re eligible to apply. You must be an early-stage start-ups using location and/or property data to apply. To be eligible to apply, start-ups must be:
• UK registered or eligible to be
• Incorporated or not
• Pre-seed funding


Why are there two tracks?

There are two different tracks on our Programme as one is GeoTech track and the other one is PropTech track, find out more on. The GeoTech track is backed by Ordnance Survey and the PropTech track is backed by HM Land Registry.


What if I relate to both GeoTech and PropTech track? Which one should I apply to?

If you’re not sure what track you should apply to, apply to one of them and we will move you around if we think is appropriate. As long as you believe your start-up fits the eligibility criteria, please still apply as we can easily move you if we think you’ve applied to the wrong track.


Am I a GeoTech start-up?

It can be confusing trying to figure out if your start-up would be considered as a GeoTech start-up, our blog post that explains all you need to know to discover if you’re GeoTech or not. Read our What is a GeoTech Start-up blog post here.


What is the application process?

The application process is straight forward. To apply, fill in our application form on F6s. Follow the questions through, the more details you give the better your application will be. You can always save the form and go back to complete it later, but we recommend you complete it all in one go to save forgetting to apply!

Once you’ve applied, we will sort through all the applications and select the ones that we want to move forwards with. As soon as we’ve done this, we will let you know if you’ve been selected to move forward in the process.

You can find the next step of the application process also on the call description here. After the screening, we will be in contact with everyone via email to let you know if you have been successful or not. Be sure to check your junk mail in case our emails end up there. We will be inviting the successful founders to the dates indicated on the call, so please make sure you keep yourself available and avoid to book holidays on those days.

Following these interviews, we will make the decision if we want to support your start-up or not.


Can I attend the interview in person?

We want to offer everyone the same opportunity so if someone wants to come in person, we are afraid that we can’t accommodate this request


I’m having issues submitting my application, can you help me?

Usually, when people experience problems with their application it’s because of our platform provider F6S. This is rare but if you do come across any technical issues, it’s better to get in touch with F6s for technical support of submitting your applications. As F6S are responsible for the technical issues, unfortunately, Geovation can’t solve them.

Please go to their support platform here.


Apply to our Accelerator Programme

If you still have some more questions and you want answers before applying, please reach out to our Programme Manager.

Applications for our Accelerator Programme are still open until 23:59 (GMT) 28 February, so it’s not too late to apply. Don’t hesitate to apply, get your application in now.

Apply to our Accelerator Programme here now!

If you want to watch a video from the team from the previous cohort and Programme Manager in our Geovation Accelerator: All You Need to Know online session recording here or the Founders Corner: Applying to the Geovation Accelerator Programme here.