Make a difference

Do you long to make the world a better place? To make a difference to society, the environment and the economy? Get on board with the Challenge and use location information together with technology to tackle big issues, locally. Let’s show real value through innovation.

Each Challenge we run focuses on a new issue, from water scarcity and food security to transport and energy poverty. The formula we use every time? Innovation = problem x solution x execution.

The environment and energy

Society and cities

Health and wellbeing

Policy and politics

Who's it for?

If you’re a UK start-up and want to help solve pressing issues using location information; the Challenge could be perfect for you. You might be an innovator with a passion for addressing real problems; a developer wanting to make a difference with your coding skills, or an entrepreneur looking to build a new venture. We’re interested in how your ideas can be scalable and applied across Britain – or maybe even globally. The Challenge is for UK-based organisations or residents, aged 18 and over.

Be a collaborator

Help us design the Greener, Smarter Communities Challenge, support innovation and make a difference.

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Previous Challenges

Take a look at how people have been using location data to improve communities, since 2009.

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Explore problems and solutions

Summer-Autumn 2017

Explore problems and solutions

Participate in workshops and masterclasses


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Official Challenge launch

Early October 2017

Official Challenge launch

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Share ideas

October–December 2017

Share ideas

Post your ideas on solving the Challenge problem


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Geovation:CAMP event

February 2018

Geovation:CAMP event

The best ideas will be invited to prototype at the Geovation:CAMP


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Funded Geovation Programme starts

April 2018

Funded Geovation Programme starts

Get the support you need to make your idea a reality; win a place on, or apply for, our accelerator Programme:2017


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Data Sources

Get the data you need. We’ve pulled together some really useful sources to help you develop your Challenge ideas.

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