28th September 2021

Geovation Showcase: All You Need to Know

Millie Smith

Every six months we celebrate the achievements of our start-ups at our Showcase event, and we want you to join us. We asked our Events Manager Isabel to tell us more about what you can expect from the event, and why you should attend.


Q: Who will we hear from at the Showcase? 

A:  The Geovation Showcase is considered the ‘graduation day’ for the selected start-ups on our Accelerator Programme, who have just completed a very hands-on six months with our team and who have worked very hard to get a crucial step closer to market-readiness. 


Q: Tell us what we can expect to find out at the Showcase.  

A: Our start-ups will highlight what unique social, environmental and economic problems they are solving, and how. You’ll find out more about their companies – from their business proposal and revenue models to their market opportunities and team expertise. The founders will share their success stories to date as well as the companies’ future growth plans, and they will provide live demos of their products and services for you to explore.  


Q: Why is the Showcase so important for the Geovation start-ups? 

A: The greatest benefit to our start-ups is traction and the right connections to maximise exposure to their products and services. The Geovation Showcase does not only prepare them for their onward journey of growth and market-readiness, but it also provides them with an opportunity to network with relevant supporters.  

Our founders have demonstrated great perseverance, creativity and resilience, working on a new venture through a global pandemic – and doing so entirely virtually. The Showcase will be a crucial stepping stone into their businesses’ future, and a chance to celebrate their achievements to date.  


Q: Who should join the event, and how will they benefit from attending? 

A: We welcome anyone to attend who has an interest in finding out about new and/or innovative solutions using geospatial and PropTech data.   

Our aim at Geovation is to create relevant connections and provide our entrepreneurs with a toolkit for success. If you are interested in supporting or investing in our start-ups, we’d love to see you at our Showcase event. Whether you may be able to make beneficial introductions with potential customers or strategic partners; offer co-marketing or PR opportunities; provide development support; suggest relevant industry events to attend; or simply help our founders critically assess their ideas through thought-provoking questions, there are no limits to how you can help our founders deliver growth.   


Q: Will attendees be able to network with the start-ups and ask them questions? 

A: Absolutely. The value of networking, for both our start-ups and audience, is irreplaceable. Therefore, we have chosen to use Hopin as our event platform to be able to facilitate a variety of opportunities for interaction. We aim to replicate a live event as much as possible from the safety of your home.  

Our founders will be available in their individual exhibition booths to show you their products and answer any questions you may have. Audience members can join on camera and microphone, if they wish, to join the conversations with our founders directly, or they can make use of the booth chats to have their questions answered anonymously. The audience can move freely between each booth and as often as they like. We will also provide the opportunity for 121 networking should a more private, confidential conversation with our founders be desired.  


If you missed our Autumn 2021 Showcase, you can watch it here now to hear our startups pitch their business ideas and answer questions.