24th September 2020

#GeovationNetZero: Financing Sustainability

Claire Corlett

As global society battles collaboratively, creatively and innovatively to defeat Covid-19, businesses and organisations of all kinds are rethinking their models and processes to sustainably change society for the better. This includes the transition to Net Zero. That transition will need to address decarbonisation, deliver sustainable consumption and production, and create a regenerative and sustainable bio-economy.

As our previous talks have illustrated, there are location-based challenges and opportunities in transitioning towards Net Zero. They include cross sector, collaborative approaches, designing sustainable business models and supply chains. They also include innovative, purposeful approaches to financing sustainability.

Our fifth #GeovationNetZero talk explores financing sustainability. What role can financial institutions play in driving the transition to Net Zero and in supporting sustainable enterprise and start-ups? What are the motivations and funding criteria? How do we measure positive impact; economic and social and environmental value creation? How do we build collaborative approaches that align motivation, purpose and financing to achieve positive impact?

To help us explore these questions and more, we are delighted to welcome:

Rishi Madlani, Head of Sustainable Finance and Just Transition at NatWest Group. NWG’s purpose is to champion potential and its Purpose in Action report (July 2020) identifies Enterprise, Learning and Climate as its focus areas for building long term value.

Alex Pitt,  is Co-Founder & Director of Growth at Mustard Seed. Mustard Seed invests in founders driven to make a difference. Driven by the notion that capital could do a better job of working for the greater good, Mustard Seed started “backing founders that shared our vision: business can and should be a force for good”.

Andy Dewis, is Founder at Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships; a certified B Corporation and a Geovation member. Pineapple’s purpose is to connect people to solve world problems by providing information, insights and connections to drive individuals and organisations forward.

Our fifth #GeovationNetZero session starts at 11am BST on Tuesday 6 October. We’d love to see you there. Register here to secure your place.