27th August 2013

Innovating with OS OpenData


OS OpenData offers a wide range of digital map products which you can freely view or download, for use in both personal and commercial applications.  We pride ourselves on the level of detail that our  products have, but we also know this can sometimes make them a little daunting to work with, especially if you have never worked with the specialist map software, Geographic Information Software (GIS) needed to manipulate them before.

To help new users of our data, especially those of you innovating with OS OpenData, we have produced a series of videos to help:

  1. view a simple map of where they live
  2. view a map for a wider area
  3. create their own styled map
  4. show their data with postcodes and boundaries on a map


They can all be found on the Ordnance Survey YouTube channel, along with other introductory videos on understanding the difference between raster and vector data and getting to grips with the National Grid.

We plan to extend the series of Using OS OpenData tutorials in due course, so if there are any issues you have encountered that you would like some help with, please let us know.