19th October 2012

Launch of OSDeveloper page

Luke Hampson

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On Wednesday night, we delivered an OS OpenData Masterclass to over 30 developers at the HUB, which is a venue located in Westminster, central London. The HUB’s mission is to provide a place where entrepreneurs, new business start-ups and aspiring ‘change-makers’ can start, grow and scale their business ventures. Hence, it provided us with an ideal spot to run the masterclass – which is an event that aims increase the awareness and use of OS OpenData, to create innovative products and services.

The event kicked-off at 6pm with Ian Holt, Developer Programme manager at Ordnance Survey, welcoming everyone and delivering an introductory presentation around open data.

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ian holt open data talk


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Ian covered the history behind the global “open” movement, before providing details around the number and types of UK government datasets that are available, through websites such as data.gov.uk.

The presentation covered how to access OS OpenData and OS OpenSpace and the difference between the two access channels. Ian moved on by highlighting just some of the innovations that have been created by developers, using OS OpenData. From Facebook games to leisure-based websites – the potential to use free Geographic Information as a basis for a product/service offering was emphasised.

We’re currently putting plans together to deliver a further series of OS OpenData Masterclasses towards the end of November at locations throughout Great Britain so as soon as we have firmed-up the arrangements, we’ll let you know here on the blog.

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Ian wrapped-up his talk by showing everyone a new “OSDeveloper” page that we’ve created on our website, which provides one central place for developers to find links to everything they need. The page can be accessed from a link that’s located on the Ordnance Survey home page – the image to the right illustrates what the link looks like.

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link to the OS Developer page


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The #OSDeveloper page contains clear links to the key information and resources that developers look for,  such as ordering data, getting and API key, connecting to the other developers in the community and being able to easily locate support documentation and Wiki for example.

Feel free to tell us what you think about the page by tweeting us @GeoVation or email us at champions@geovation.org.uk – we’re keen to hear your feedback along with any suggestions about how the page can be improved.