29th March 2022

Team Geovation Help Get Litter Off our Coasts

Millie Smith

Team Geovation go Litter Picking at Lepe Beach!


On 22 March half the Geovation team spent their yearly Volunteer Day picking up litter at Lepe Country Park, one of the local beaches to Ordnance Survey HQ.

The team were provided with bags and litter picking tools, and split into 2 teams,  collecting litter from the beach, the wetland nature reserve and country park. Apart from the odd glass bottle and can, nearly all the items were some form of plastic: bags, sheeting, rope, plastic bottles and tops, buckets, cotton bud sticks, nappies, sweet wrappers and even a toy dinosaur!

Litter bags

It was a glorious spring day and the team were thanked on several occasions by other visitors enjoying the coastal country park too. You could certainly “see a better place” once we had finished! It was good to make a small dent in the scourge of single-use and discarded plastic which is causing havoc in our terrestrial and marine environments, both locally and globally.

The team are already planning how we can combine our next Volunteer Day with helping one of our start-ups generate positive impact.

At Geovation, we believe that entrepreneurs have the power to make the world a better place, and we’re here to help them achieve that; connecting industry problems to start-up solutions, so that together, we can have a positive impact on people, planet and profit.


Previous Geovation Challenges

Geovation is supporting three start-ups from our Challenge programme, each addressing some aspect of plastic waste: Refill (Water Challenge), Kids Against Plastic and Planet Patrol (Greener, Smarter Communities Challenge) each now recognised nationally for their work.

Geovation’s recent diffuse coastal pollution challenge with UKHO had two amazing winners GlobalTrust and Satsense Solutions who received £5,000 to help develop their sustainable solutions. Find out more about the Diffuse Coastal Pollution Challenge winners here.


Future Geovation Challenges

Geovation is already planning future challenges around the topic solving issues on our coasts including costal erosion and plastic pollution.